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Monday, April 19, 2004
hey guyz im sO bOred...!

hey guyz zup?..zup?..zup?...hmmmmm hellO!..im sO bOred tOday my cuzin Karen is at schOOl right nOw...! i have nO schOOl sOo...um really bOring here at hOme...Ohh yeasterday me and my friend Sherly went Out with my cuzin and sister...and really cOOl...Sheryl tOld meh she enjoyed talking and walking with us...hm im gOnna miss her and Jahara and all friends...im gOing hOme in the Philippines this cOming Tuesday lets just say tOmOrrOw...huhuhuuh man help meh ....guyz sOrry if i cant blOg all the time....maybe u want tO check my Other site take a lOOk Of this...[ twinkler_joyz] and [ tahtznauty_flipnay_joyce]..hey guyz thanx and lub you all!!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
lyrics i want you to share....!

hey guyz lyrics that i want yOu tO share thiS tO yOu...tis is One Of muh favOrite sOngs...tOuches muh heart everytime i heard this sOng...hehehheenjOy and hOpe yOu like the lyrics....

Westlife I Don't wanna Fight lyrics

I can't sleep
everything I ever knew
is a lie without you
I can't breathe
when my heart is broke in two
there's no beat, without you
You're not gone, but you're not here
At least that's the way it seems tonight
If we could try to end these wars
I know that we can make it right
Cause baby...

I don't wanna fight no more
I forgot what we were fighting for
& this loneliness that's in my heart
wont let me be apart from you
I don't want to have the try
Girl to live without you in my life
so I'm hoping we can start tonight
cause I don't wanna fight

How can I live
When everything that I adore
And everything I'm living for
Girl it's in you
I can't dream
Sleepless nights have got me bad
The only dream I ever had
Is being with you
I know that we can make it right
It's gonna take a little time
Lets not leave ourselves with no way out
Lets not cross that line


Remember that I made a vow that I would
never let you go
I mean it then I mean it now and I
want to tell you so

Chorus x2

so lie without you
Without you

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Saturday, April 10, 2004
hey guyz!!!!!

hey guyz zup?..hehe nOthing tO blOg lOlz..wellz still cOnfuse bOut what sxhOOl im gOing..hehehehe i have sOme pix here taking last April 7, 2004 hehhe at Plaza Bonita wid muh friend Jahara. heheh it was fun sO pls check diz Out..!

                                              ~* jOyce *~

wOw ya pOse tO pOse..hehehe!

hahahaa that's meh there sO...strict huh!

hahah im sO ugly there...!

                                                  hahah i lOOk sO ugly there

um thata One's better hehehehe!

                                    hahha thiz One is much better than Others hehehe

hey thanx guyz and bye!!!!!!!

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Thursday, April 08, 2004
hey guyz...muh friendz

hey guyz more pix of muh friend in chat only but even though i love them so much!!!!!!!!

hey itz kim!!!!!!
thiz iz kimberly muh friend..so patients..hehehe!!!!!

mitzie wid her friends!  mitzie hehe small pix but its ok..hehe she's kind..!

cleresse wid her cuzin..hehehe
thiz iz cleresse wid her cuzin ohhhhh how cute...!

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hey guyz zup?...i kiss you all..mwah!!!! sO much...ill tell yOu what happened yesterday...heheheh meh and muh friend Jahara went tO the mall..we tOOk the bus..it was really fun inside there..we talked and laughed..hehehehhe..i lOve muh friend Jahara she's like sister tO meh..fOr real.we tOOk a picture tOgether..hehe it was sO cute hehehehe! seems like the Other pOse..Jahara need tO get sOme sleep.nyahahaha!..wellpz if i have time..ill put all the pix here...Okies byerz peepz!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, April 05, 2004
pix of meh and muh friends...

ey guyz wanna see muh friend pix?...here we goo...i love them soo much hehehehhe soo pls just take a look dont hi jack them from meh...hehehehe

man feel so sleepy..nyahahaha !
sleepy mary joyce bullen on the bed nayahhahaha..!

jaja the one!!!!
muh friend jahara balaguer the very funniest friend ever..in muh life..!!!!!!!

sheryl on the camera..smile?... heheh its too small but its ok she pretty there.... sheryl mendoza..ya i she's funny too...

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hey guyz whzzup?....i have a mewz hehehehe ..ey guyz im going back to the Philippines wellz im so excited though..freaky miss muh friend there...then im gonna miss muh friends here specially muh friends (jahara, sheryl, brooke, gabriel, and arcennet...)..huhuuhuhuh but i dunnOe what tO dO nOw...!!!!!!!! help meh!!!!!!!!


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Saturday, April 03, 2004

hey guyz zup?..here is the lyrics Of " THE GIFT " by: JIM BRICKMAN ..i lOve this sOng sOo..enjOy..!

Winter snow is falling down
Children laughing all around
Lights are turning on
Like a fairy tale come true
Sitting by the fire we made
Youíre the answer when I prayed
I would find someone
And baby I found you

All I want is to hold you forever
All I need is you more every day
You saved my heart
From being broken apart
You gave your love away
And Iím thankful every day
For the gift

Watching as you softly sleep
What Iíd give if I could keep
Just this moment
If only time stood still
But the colors fade away
And the years will make us grey
But baby in my eyes
Youíll still be beautiful


(piano solo)

All I want is to hold you forever
All I need is you more every day
You saved my heart
From being broken apart
You gave your love away
I canít find the words to say
That Iím thankful everyday
For the gift

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Friday, April 02, 2004
im sO sad..

hey guyz zup?..well i dunnOe what tO say cOz im kinda speechless persOn..!!!!! tOday my mOm and aunt went tO Our schOOl tO talk tO mUh all teachers cOz im gOing back tO PHILIPPINES and its really great...they allOwed me tO gO there..but One reasOne is im gOnna miss all mUh friends here specially (SHERYL, JAHARA, ARCENNETH, BROOKE, GABRIEL and all mUh friends in chat)..im gOnna miss my relatives here, specially mUh cUzin KAREN well...last night i was crying cOz i remember when JaJA(jahara)..and me laughed tOgether and talked sOme stuff..its makes me cry nOw huhuhuhuhuh well hOpefully we'll see Our each Other sOOn....*^_^*

                                             @}}---= jOyce =---{{@

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Thursday, April 01, 2004
everytime lyrics by britney spears..i

i lOve this song sO much...chOz it tOuches my heart ever since i listened tO this sOng..!!!!! sO peOple sing it..!! *^_^*

Everytime Lyrics

notice me
take my hand
why are we
strangers when
our love is strong
why carry on without me

everytime i try to fly
i fall without my wings
i feel so small i guess
i need you baby
and everytime i see you
in my dreams i see your
face it's haunting me
i guess i need you baby

i make believe
that you are here
it's the only way
i see clear
what have i done
you seem to move on easy

everytime i try to fly
i fall without my wings
i feel so small i guess
i need you baby
and everytime i see you
in my dreams i see your
face your haunting me
i guess i need you baby

i may have made it rain
please forgive me
my weakness caused you pain
and this song's my sorry

at night i pray that soon
your face will fade away

everytime i try to fly
i fall without my wings
i feel so small i guess
i need you baby
and everytime i see you
in my dreams i see your
face your haunting me
i guess i need you baby

                                                -= joyce =-

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...~*i really lOve yOu fOrever*~...

.~*im mary jOyce and im filipina..im here living in san diegO,califOrnia..USA...im studying now in middle schoOl and the name is Ofarrell cOmmunity schoOl...my parents are so coOl and suppOrtive..i have One sister..and im sO really sensitive 'bOut impOrtant stuff in my life..hey guys..FRIENDSTER----->joyz_5@eudoramail.com and MYSPACE----------> angel_cutipie_5@yahoo.com*~.

..~* i like gOing sOmewhere,hanging arOund,playing things that are sO coOl and specially withe my lOve Ones in my life*~..

..~* i dOnt like peOple that are acting sO stupid and shit,bitch.hOe and persOn that are sO and tOo Oa fOr me*~..

..~* i wish that all the things in this wOrld are Ok and goOd, i wish that my whOle family,relatives,friends and all the lOve in my life are goOd and specially my lOve One that im hOping he's with me right nOw..his name is EDSEL and i really lOve him sO much*~..

..~^when i first saw yOu im afraid tO meet yOu, when i fi meet yOu im afraid tO lOve yOu and kiss yOu, but when i lOve yOu im afraid tO lOse yOu^~..

..^i wrOte yOur name in the sand but the wave wash it away, i wrOte yOur name in my heart and fOrever it will stay^..


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hey yOu all...i lOve yOu EDSEL..i want tO dedicate this message tO my lOvely bunny fOr being such a goOd lOver, understanding, caring and very suppOrtive tO me.....i really lOve yOu, nO One can make us apart...and never gOnna leave ech Other...thanx fOr the all...hOping that yOu're here with me...i cant bear all the days that yOu're nOt with me....I LOVE YOU SO MUCH....! mwahhhhhh...! :)

The times spent together aint forever,

though you might always be by my side,



you might go.

By then, the times we spent are forever,

as i remember how we spent the days,

how happy we were,

and how the memories live forever ...

Love will never put you down,
won't cheat or mess around.

Love won't criticize or scorn,
won't leave you forlorn.

Love won't knock you to the ground,
or make you fear certain sounds.

Love won't verbally berate you
or accuse you of not being true.

Love will not make you powerless
or increase your stress.

When you're in love, love will accept you for you,
for it respects you and allows you to stay true
to yourself and doesn't make you change.

This is a message
from me to you
To make sure you
never forget I Love You!
When things are rough
and you feel lost,
Just call on me and
I'll be there at any cost.
I'll do this because
I care for you
I'll stick by your side
no matter what you do.
I am your friend
through thick and thin,
Just as, for me,
you have always been.

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